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When using Comodo digital signatures for signing, Comodo states there needs to be at least a 15 second delay between signing so their severs don't get hammered. They appear to be getting more and more fussy about that 15 second delay. I've had to a...
Is it just me, or did the IS2016 IDE go into severe regression with the keyboard shortcuts to the clipboard working in the IDE.I filed a case - 01261269Go to Installscript editor and select text and go CTRL-C and the paste the text elsewhere in the f...
January 1, 2016 is the Code Signing Armageddon. As we still have to support Windows Vista and Server 2008, we need the ability to dual sign our installer and apps. Doing the apps is easy. Doing the Single file Setup EXE is fine. But I need to be ...
I have way too many XP and Vista customers that are complaining regarding our SHA256 signed installers as creating security warnings or not being allowed to download. I'm even having some XP customers complain that they are getting a Error 24592 err...
Maybe I'm missing something.Basic MSI Project with MSI 4.5 required.Setup.EXE size, with no Windows Installer 4.5 redistributables enabled is 98 Megs. So users will have to make sure they have Windows Installer 4.5 install, which for 7+ is no issue....
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