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I'm struggling with an issue where I have a managed code custom action (a C# DLL) that's doing some DB connectivity validation for me. The DLL itself runs successfully and its return value is also stored into a property I defined when assigning a cus...
HiI have a Basic MSI project and a slight dilemma there. I'd need to ask user credentials during the UI phase and pass them to a custom action in the execute phase to be handled. However, doing that the normal way using CustomActionData would cause t...
Is there a way to filter out localDB instances for the SQL Server browser/login dialog? The product I'm working on doesn't currently support localDB, so I'd like to display only valid choices for a server in the menu. Any tips would be much appreciat...
I'm having an issue running even the most simple InstallScript Suite actions in an Advanced UI/Suite project. Log shows the following when running the action:[CODE]8-5-2015[02:15:32 PM]: Running event 'Test'8-5-2015[02:15:32 PM]: Launching InstallScr...
I'm having issues with creating an ODBC entry that's visible for 64-bit applications. The entries I create always go to the 32-bit version (C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe) instead of the 64-bit one (C:\Windows\System32\odbcad32.exe) and because of ...
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