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Hi, I got a problem with several LaunchApplication calls in Custom Actions of a BasicMSI project. They all look like this:   nCallResult = LaunchApplication("cmd.exe", "/C \"C:\\MyDirectory\\myscript.cmd\"", "C:\\MyDirectory", SW_HIDE, 600000, LAAW_O...
Hi there, I once again ran into a little problem with my BasicMSI installation (InstallShield 2019 Professional).I need to determine the size of a folder containing several huge files (can be up to 30 GB per file and >300 GB for the whole folder).The...
Hi, I have a little problem trying to build a minor update for my application.Installation of the minor upgrade works fine and I also followed all "rules", adding several new components but not removing any existing feature, component or key file.The...
Hi,I have an InstallScript project where I set a registry value at the beginning marking the installation as "Failed".Only in the end after successful installation, I change the registry value to "Successful" (actually it's "0" and "1", but that shou...
I found a strange behaviour with a component installed into a subdirectory and I'm not sure whether it's intended behaviour or a bug.For example we have this configuration:Main component destination: C:\aOther component destination: C:\a\b\c\dDirecto...
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