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I desparately need to include external JAR files in my project and then access class files inside the .jar file at run time. I can not get putArchive() to work. Here is my code in the build method, If I include a single class file with putClass it ...
I am having serious issues calling custom java code external to ISMP. Here is what I am doing :package; public class driver { public static void main(String args[]){ System.out.println("driver"); } } From within a custom eve...
Ok here is what I am doing : I am buildign a custom dialog and am trying to validate some controls in the queryExit(xxx) method. Im trying to get a control such as : try{ ISTextField textField = context.getISPanel().ge...
I want to be able to set a $V variable. How can I do this? Maybe Im going about this the hard way but what I have tried is to create a custom event and used the following : public void onExecutingsetVariable(com.installshield.event.wizard.WizardAct...
a file which I packaged in the support files? I can package it into a feature as there are a lot of files required to execute this. Is there something similar to : Command : $D(SupportDir)\myexe.exe which I can use in order to resolve this?Thanks!
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