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Hi all,I installed InstallShield - 2010 Premier Edition 1,5 years ago. I went through activation process and prepared lots of setups using InstallShield. I stopped working with InstallShield nearly 6 months before. But I need to run InstallShield aga...
Hi,I want InstallShield to increment the ProductVersion by 1 (i.e. change from 1.00.0000 to 1.00.0001) and also autogenerate a new GUID for ProductVersion everytime I build the InstallShield project.Is it possible?Or should I convert the InstallShiel...
Hi,I have an executable and I added this executable to my setup project as a "support file". I want this executable to be executed right after the files in the setup package are transferred to their folders.To do this, which event should I use?OnMove...
Hi,I included an executable in my setup project. After the installation, I run this executable. When this executable returns, I want this executable automatically be deleted by InstallShield.So, is there a way to mark a file / folder in the setup pro...
Hi,I want to return more than one values from a custom InstallScript function.For example, I calculate two values inside a function and I want to return both of them. Is there a way?i.e.function Div(dividend, divisor)begin....// Calculate quotient an...
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