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Hello, I can see help guides with following names: 1.  FNE_Client_C_XT_API.pdf 2. FNE_Client_C_API.pdf 3. FNE_Client_DotNet_XT_API.pdf  4. FNE_CXT_TRA 5. FNE_DOTNET-XT_TRA I could not find and help to clarify fundamental difference with and without X...
Hello, Where can we find all error codes and troubleshooting steps for Flexible TS APIs. I can see errors codes in document fnp_FuncRef-c.pdf but it contains error from 24 to -237. What about other errors like 51404, 51402 etc. Where can I find docum...
Hello, While creating licence model we provide Expiration detail like None, Permanent or Expiring. I want to read this information through Webservice for existing licence model. Could you please tell me which WebService and WebAPI can provide this in...
Hello, I am creating a C++/CLI exe. I have linked all flexera related libraries from toolkit in linker section. The solution is building fine. While prepping the project in post build event, I am getting error, ".... has not been linked against FLEXn...
Hello,We are using Flexnet APIs to activate TS licence and checkout as well. If licence is activated on back dated PC, the licence verification (checkout) fails with error -31 (Start date for feature not reached).The licence state is active and valid...
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