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Transition from Usage Intelligence v2 and v3

Transition from Usage Intelligence v2 and v3


This article highlights important data handling changes in Usage Intelligence as we transition to Usage Intelligence v3. Please refer to the Usage Intelligence - Front End Change Log article for details about the Usage Intelligence v3 changes.

Feature Use Cases

Use Case 1: Data Sync Limitations

With the release of Usage Intelligence v3 (Beta), you may observe data sync issues when you create and save data in either Usage Intelligence v2 or v3.

Report Control Filters

Filters will only be visible in the respective version they were created and loaded, e.g. a filter created in Usage Intelligence v2 will not be visible in Usage Intelligence v3. This is the expected behavior until the data migration is complete. This behavior also applies when updating or deleting saved filters.


Disabling ReachOut will only disable the ReachOut in that particular version, e.g. disabling ReachOut in v3 will not disable it in v2.

User Management

Updating users and user permissions will only be reflected in the version the change was made in, e.g. editing user permissions in v3 will not change the same user's permissions in v2.

Event Tracking Management

By default, the Event Tracking Management "automatic enable" options is disabled in v3.

Use Case 2: Synchronized Data Changes

Data changes to the following are synchronized between both versions. We strongly advise caution when executing create, update, or delete operations to avoid data loss.

Exported Data Files

Creating, editing, or deleting exported data files in either version will be reflected in both versions.

NOTE: In v3, Exported Data Files appears under Data Export in the left navigation.

Exception Tracking

Generated archives are available in both v2 and v3. Deleting an archive in either version will delete the archive from both versions.

NOTE: In v3, Exception Tracking appears under Additional Reports in the left navigation.


Creating, editing, or deleting a ReachOut campaign in either version will be reflected in both versions.

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