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Change Title: Lifecycle Dates Exception to Change from "Exact date unknown: a date range is provided" to "Exact date unknown: based on a date range"

Type: Class 2 Change Notification


In Technopedia, when Flexera could not find an actual date (even after an extensive research), 'Not Available' string is populated along with specific reasons in the 'Exception' field (refer to this KB Article for detail).

One of the exceptions is, Exact date unknown: a date range is provided. This exception value indicates that Exact support and/or lifecycle dates cannot be found, however, there is enough information to provide a potential period they may occur. A date range will be provided, the two dates which bookend the period (e.g. the dates of the immediate previous and subsequent releases). A translated date may be provided as well, where the lower date will be picked for any starting dates (e.g. General Availability Date, Introduction Date, etc.) and the upper date will be picked for any ending dates (e.g. End of Life Date, End of Support Date, etc.)

We are planning to change this particular exception value to Exact date unknown: based on a date range.


The proposed change is intended to reduce confusion when a report is designed without the date range fields included. The resulting translated date provided in this scenario is still generated based on a certain date range. Therefore, for this exception value to make a better sense, the term a date range is provided is changed to based on a date range.


Potential Impact

This change will have potential impact on Data Platform, IT Visibility and/or Technopedia users who rely on the exact string value of the lifecycle dates Exception field to drive their Technopedia integrations



The change will be implemented within 2 (two) weeks