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Change title

Updates in Microsoft 365 applications in Technopedia

Class 1

Customers should be prepared and act

Change summary

We are changing how we capture Microsoft 365 build versions in Technopedia.

Microsoft 365 Apps are differentiated using channels, versions, and build numbers. End-of-life dates will change according to channels. To read more about these changes, see Update history for Microsoft365 Apps.

We will support these channels in the software catalog to create more accurate mapping.

Proposed changes:

1. New release creation

·        New releases will be curated for M365 Apps for each channel based on versions and builds.

·         Version and version group will be followed as shown in the table below:



o   Versions 2102 and 2104 are listed under version group and build 16.0 with respective channels created as versions.

o   The release that will be created with the same build across different channels is highlighted in yellow.

2. Support dates

The support duration varies from channel to channel. End-of-life dates will be determined based on the below description:









Note: Lifecycle dates will be marked as “not available” for some releases where builds are the same across multiple channels. See the example below (select image to expand):





3. Impacts on normalize mapping

·        The existing discovery data will be remapped to new releases based on the discovery version.

·        This applies only to editions “Apps for enterprise," “Apps for business,” and blank editions.

·        The mapping for M365 components (Outlook, Word, etc.) will be updated based on versions and builds and remapped to M365 products.


This change will impact customers who rely on Technopedia Manufacturer ID/Product ID/Release ID & Names, or previously discovered data mapped to the old manufacturer/products will be mapped to the new products/releases. The change requires the customer to manage downstream processes and reporting in their organization.

Details of these products and releases are provided in the attachment, Proposed_M365 releases.xlsx.


Customers should expect these changes to occur starting from November 6– 10. These changes are now complete. Please see the updated workbook attached for details. 

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