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Spider 6.4.7 update is available

Release Date: 2022-06-29

A new update has been released for Spider. Please see the included changes below. 

To be notified of these kinds of product updates, please ensure that you have subscribed to the Spider Release blog.


  • Legal Entities for Employees
    Employees can now also be assigned to a legal entity. This can be entered via the user interface on the edit form of an employee. Along with the change comes an improvement to software assignments: By default, the legal entity of soft-ware assignments is inherited from the parent object. Overriding the legal entity on the software assignment is allowed, but not recommended.

  • Enforce Legal Entities
    Editing legal entities on spider objects can now be enforced using the configuration. To do this, the configuration key Spider.Core.Web.LegalEntity.EnforceLegalEntityRequired must be set to True. If the configuration key is set, fields for legal entities are marked in the user interface. Objects without a legal entity are prevented from being saved.

  • Trends for cloud subscriptions
    For cloud subscriptions, consumption is logged daily in Spider. With this version, the evaluation of this was added to the Spider user interface. The trend column has been added to the search page of subscriptions, the trend refers to the last 60 days. The trend can also be seen on the detail page of a subscription. Furthermore, the course of the consumption over the last 180 days can be read in a line chart.

  • Updated Browser Recommendations
    Since Microsoft Internet Explorer is not being developed anymore, the browser will no longer be supported in the future. We recommend using current versions (stable versions) of the browsers Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox.

Accessibility Improvements

  • Further improvements with a focus on accessibility have been added to the Spider user interface. The changes include functional enhancements, support for third-party programs and design adjustments.

  • In table views of the Spider web interface, navigation using the keyboard has been made possible. The operation with keys is enabled with the focusing of the table views (click in the grid to select a cell). For example, the cell focus can be freely changed using the arrow keys and hyperlinks are triggered using the Enter key. Paging can be triggered using the Page Up and Page Down keys. Within a line, you can navigate to the first and last cell using the Home and End keys.

  • The contrast ratios in controls and forms of the Spider web interface have been adjusted to output barrier-free contrast ratios.

  • Keyboard operation of the backstage menu has been made possible.

  • The HTML source code of the Spider user interface has been extensively revised to support the use of screen readers more comprehensively.


  • Under certain circumstances, Legal Entity search filters could lead to a multiplication of search results.

  • The synchronization of metering data between Spider Software Recognition and Spider Asset could be aborted due to a long processing time.

  • Filters for SAM priorities could be set correctly in the compliance dashboard, but these were not preselected when the dialog was called up again.

  • In date filters on search pages, the settings for "or older" and "or younger" were not persisted.