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Spider 6.4.0 HF3 update is available 

Release Date: 2018-09-03

A new hotfix has been released for Spider. Please see the included corrections below. 

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  • It was not possible to select profiles when authorizing saved Advanced Searches.
  • A search restricted to a type returned no results but an error message when role selectors were active.
  • If a filter with a wildcard was specified for a parameter field, an error occurred in the object search.
  • The Excel export of search results failed if the result contained parameter columns.
  • Object fields configured as Entity Type could not be added to the field selection in the search because they were not listed.
  • The column names of reports were not translated correctly during the Excel export.
  • Business units could not be moved if profiles were assigned.

License Management

  • For spider installations without a recognition module, the manufacturer filter of the article catalog search page did not work.
  • For spider installations without a recognition module, product versions may have been incorrectly deleted under certain circumstances.

Contract Management

  • Due to an error, the contract search showed redundant results even if the column "Contractual Party" was hidden.

License Metric Procedures (LMP)

  • The license metric procedure "Cleansing: Multiple Assignments of the Same Product Version" did not always identify a multiple license requirement for the same product version on an asset. The license metric procedure has been revised.