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With the recurring reminders feature, which is available in Spider 6.4.6 and above, reminders can be sent multiple times via email. Therefore, the form configuration for resubmissions has been changed to system forms, so that the user does not need to configure the forms anymore.

With this feature, you will be able to configure recurring reminders directly in Spider, by specifying them only once. Various options are provided to ensure your reminding requirements. The aim is to not miss due dates anymore and you having a clear picture of the configured reminders.

Reminders will be effectively send, starting from the initial date up to the end date (optional). Furthermore, reminders will not be sent (anymore), when the superior object is archived.

You can set recurrence settings in the recurrence dialog, which is available  in the reminder forms (ResubmissionCreate / ResubmissionEdit). See the example in the create form on the picture below:


After opening the dialog,  you can set the recurrence which meets your requirements best:


Available recurring pattern options

  • None: No recurrence, email will be sent once on the selected start date
  • Yearly: Reminder email will be sent yearly or each nth year
  • Monthly: Reminder email will be sent monthly or each nth month
  • Weekly: Reminder email will be sent weekly or each nth week
  • Daily: Reminder email will be sent daily or each nth day

Additional scheduling options

For fine tuning of recurring reminders you can set more granular scheduling options on the selected pattern.

Send every nth year / month / week / day
You can send reminders at configurable intervals. If you select the yearly pattern which starts in 2022 and choose every 2nd year interval, the reminder will be send in 2022, 2024, 2026 and so on.

Avoid sending on weekends. Send the friday before
With this option set, the reminder will be sent on a friday, if the calculated recurrence date is on a day on the weekend. This option is available for the yearly, monthly and daily patterns.

Additional scheduling options (month only)

Specific day: E.g. send on the 10th of a month
First day of month: Reminder will be send each month on first day
Last day of month: Reminder will be send each month on last day


End date for recurrence
When specified, the reminder emails will not be sent any longer than the selected end date

Further configuration changes

  • The search page of reminders has been changed: The column Date now shows the date on which the next reminder email will be send.
  • The edit page now shows the date on which the next reminder email will be send, just below the date and recurrence field.
  • The edit page has been enhanced to show a grid with the dates of when emails have been sent by the reminder (errors can be shown if occurred).

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