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Too much contrast in GUI Spider Version 6.4.7-R2

Dear Spider Community, Dear Flexera Team.

Since the update to Spider Version 6.4.7-R2, (Build,, Spider Contract the look and layout has changed a bit.
So, for example, some identifiers are now bolded when selected, column labels are bolded and when entering or editing the contract, the input fields are very heavily outlined in black.
In short, there is quite a high contrast between light and dark.
Personally, this does not bother me.
Some optical changes I also find particularly successful, such as the optical column separation by means of lines within the search / contract overview.

Unfortunately, I have users who, due to their visual aids or glasses, cannot tolerate these increased contrasts at all and can work very poorly with them. I have not yet seen any possibility to reset or adjust the optics to the previous one.
This means that the bold font and the outlined input fields in black increase the contrast of the interface enormously. Unfortunately, this seems to be very uncomfortable for my user with the visual aid and limit them in their work.
Have I overlooked something?
Would it be possible to improve there possibly to make a selection option of the contrast / layout etc. possible?

Best regards from Cologne.

Christina Eisermann

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Hello Christina

The changes have been implemented due to customers demand to improve accessibility options in our application. We will make the developers aware and open a ticket for you.

We will get back to you next week.



Dear Peter,

great, thanks a lot! I'm looking forward for your ideas and inputs.

All the best and have a nice weekend,


Hello Mrs. Eisermann,

I can't answer instead of Flexera but add a background information to the most recent changes in the Spider UI. (I work as a Spider consultant for a consulting  company.)

There is a big customer (public administration) in Germany who placed a lot of requests at Flexera just to fullfill the requirements for improved accessibility for handicaped people. This caused a pain staking process for Flexera.

Thus it seems kind of tragic that the result achieves just the opposite!

Let's see what's Flexeras opinion...