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nevisLogRend 1.x nevisAuth 4.x SAID

Please release SAID for the attachment

nevisLogRend 1.x
nevisAuth 4.x

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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

We have created the following ticket 02525065 for your query about the advisory. We will get back to you on that. Please create a ticket via your Flexera Support Community portal if you have advisory-related questions. 

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Hi Team,

How do I raise ticket ? Can possible to share the URL.

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For this post, we have raised a ticket on your behalf. But please use the below URL to log in at the Flexera support community portal and open a case.

Once you are logged in to the community, please select your product as Software Vulnerability Research and use the Support Drop down to see and open cases. 

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