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How to add softwares in Flexera

Hi Team, I am trying to add software's in Flexera. Anyone could you please suggest. How to add all the software's in Flexera. 

Thanks in Advance.

Thanks & Regards,


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Citation from the "Software License Optimization Guide v6.0.pdf" that is available for download in the "Learning Center" (page #34):

Tutorials for understanding the Application Recognition process and how to manage unrecognized applications are discussed in the “Application Recognition in FlexNet Manager” content available in the Community Learning Center. We also recommend reviewing the chapter on “Evidence” available from our online help. Understanding all aspects of Application Evidence and how to manage that is covered in detail in our Online Help.

Flexera Alumni

Assuming you are looking to add software to SVM here: there is a submission form within the SVM admin console as documented here:

Thanks, but that link gives me a 404 error.

I found the manual here :

I can see in the manual there should be an option in the settings menu for "Suggest Software" but it doesn't appear in real life. And the manual carefully avoids telling you how to get to the window.... Just a random feature floating in space with no connection to anything. Not terribly useful...


1) Open Internet Explorer in Administrator mode.

2) Download and install Software Vulnerability Manager Plug-in. More info @

3) Software Suggestion menu will be available in UI. Ignore Step 2, if plugin already installed


Ah, that would explain why your mac application catalogue is so limited then. I just today noticed that even Docker desktop is not included. (that is the reason I'm here!)

Even if I ran the plugin on IE on a guest VM, I still wouldn't be able to browse to the application installed on the host OS.