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autoupdate host smartgroups basen on hostnames


I have a large site with locations all over the world. the name of the location is embedded in the hostname. 

i need to report a each site and i have created smart groups for each location, however adding hosts to the hostgroup is a tedious job as there is no add filtered hosts all when you select hosts . Keeping the sites updated wilt the right hosts is also a issue as we have a large turnover.

I suspect that this could be done with a sql statement in the database segment, but until now i have been unsuccesfull with that (my sql knowlegde is limited.)

Anyone have any suggestions? 



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Hi Brobech,

Perhaps you've already tried this and are looking for a more specific filter, but if you go under Host Smart Groups and Configure a New Smart Group, you can select "Contains hosts that match" and specify a Criteria where the "Site Name" is in a AD Filter. 


I hope that helps.

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