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Flexera Alumni

SVM Patch Publisher keeps getting better with new and enhanced capabilities. In this update of SVM, you will see the following enhancements to the SVM Patch Publisher and SVM Cloud:

Subscribe Patches for Automation

In the SVM Patch Publisher, you can now subscribe SPS and VPM Patches to automatically publish to a specified endpoint management system when a new version of a patch becomes available. You could choose either to always publish a new version or configure your requirements for a new version to meet for automatic publishing.


Patch Deployment Status

A new Patch Deployment Status view is introduced under the Manage Patches menu in the SVM Patch Publisher to display the status and other details of the patches published to an endpoint management system.


Download SVM Patch Publisher

A new view in the SVM Cloud web console to help you easily download the latest version of SVM Patch Publisher.


To see the full release notes, please click here.