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Flexera Alumni

This second update of May includes the following notable enhancements to the SVM Patch Publisher and the web console:

  • Support for SSO in SVM Patch Publisher: Single Sign On (SSO) enhances user experience by simplifying the authentication process by allowing access to multiple applications and systems with just one set of login credentials. Additionally, it improves security by enforcing stronger authentication measures. The benefits of SSO can now be taken in Patch Publisher as it supports connecting to the SVM server via SSO.


  • WSUS Management Tool integration with SVM Patch Publisher: The WSUS Management Tool allows you to view, approve, delete, and decline the selected patches and select a computer group where you want to deploy these approved patches. You can launch the WSUS Management Tool by clicking on the new WSUS Management button on the ribbon. The WSUS server connection details specified in the Patch Published will be automatically carried over to WSUS Management Tool, so you don’t have to establish a connection with the WSUS server again. Also, a new filter is added to the WSUS Management Tool to help you filter and view the patches published from the SVM Patch Publisher/SVM web console.


  • You can now click on any CVE listed in the CVE Reference section of the Advisory Details window that appears when you click on any SAID in the Patch Publisher, to navigate to its corresponding page on the website for more information. Also, the URLs in the Secunia Advisory Details section can be clicked to navigate to external websites.
  • The Dashboard page in the SVM web console now provides an option to view the Dashboard in either full-screen view or the standard view.

To see the full release notes, please click here.