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SVM August Update (SSO is here!)

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Single Sign On

With this release, Software Vulnerability Manager can now support Single Sign On (via the SAML2 protocol). This feature enables you to authenticate with many popular Identity Provider (IdP) like Okta. This capability is available today in Cloud, but will also be offered for our On-Prem customers in a release scheduled for the end of August. 

Serviceprovider configuration.png

Find guidance on how to configure Single Sign On here in documentation


External package signing for Software Vulnerability Manager Client Toolkit

Using Manual Signatures (also known as External Signatures) allows you to separate the privilege of Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) administration from the privilege to mark a package as trusted for deployment. With automatic signatures, the WSUS administrator has full access to a digital certificate and private key that is trusted by all the machines within the organization. To help you better lock down privileges by using manual signatures, so that the WSUS administrator does not require access to the private key.

sign package.png

For details on this, please see documentation here

In response to community feedback, we have also renamed the White/Black List Feature to   Allow list/Block list


For more details regarding our August update, please see the full release notes here

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