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Request for a free version of Forticlient VPN only in the SVM

our clients have been using Forticlient 6.0.0.XXX all this while and it needs to be upgraded to Forticlient VPN only 7.0.1 due to a potential vulnerability.

The software vulnerability manager has an update available. However, it requests for a license and is a full version (comes with ZTNA, EPP,EMS and VPN) which we do not want.

MetService users are currently using a free version (with out a license) and looking to upgrade Forticlient VPN to 7.0.1 or latest . However, we could not find the free version (Forticlient VPN only 7.0.1 or latest ) in the SVM.


Request you to please add the below package to SVM for deployment:

Product Name: Fortinet Forticlient

Product Version: FortiClient 7.0.2

Comments : Download Forticlient VPN Only

Download URL Product Downloads | Fortinet Product Downloads | Support

Please let us know if you need further details.

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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

The FortiClient 7 version is only available in the SVM vendor patch module. And it's a paid module and you need to buy a license for Vendor Patch Module. 

Please note: We cannot offer this patch in the Flexera Package system ( SPS) because only paid customers have access to installers.