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Could not change file's columns separator when suggesting software

An error message always pops up to force a restart of the application when I try to do Research->Product Database->Suggest Software->Upload file->Put ";" in the field "The file's columns separator". How can I upload a csv file with ";" as separator successfully?

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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


The following ticket 02045289 has already been created to track this issue.  We kindly ask you to log in to your Flexera Support community portal and attach the CSV file which you are trying to upload in the SVR > Suggest software.

We will try to replicate this issue and will get back to you on the ticket 02045289. Please followup more via your Flexera Support Community portal. If you still have issues logging in at the community. You can use the following link Community to register in the community.



Thanks for the swift response. But I do not have access to the support community portal. I already have a community account, but I have no privilege to access the Self-Service portal.


Can you please test again and see if you can log in to the support community portal? If yes, then please upload the CSV file. 


Flexera Alumni

After some investigation, I can confirm the "C" in CSV is literal and the data must be comma separated. If you cannot generate a comma separated file directly from the source, the find/replace feature of most text editors should help you to get it to a supported state with relative ease. 

The following issue has already been resolved yesterday via SF. We can mark this thread as solved.