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Cannot access form view of Rejection Notices in Secunia web app > Vulnerability Manager > Ticketing

In the Secunia web app, when clicking the hyperlink of an SAID for a Rejection Notice (SA113538 in this case) in our Vulnerability Manager  Ticketing  list, the detailed "form view" we usually see does not load.   Please see attached image.

This is only happening for Rejection Notices, all other types are opening the form/detail view.  This issue was first observed 1/30/23; before then, we were able to fully open Rejection Notices and save them as PDFs.

Have tried both Chrome and Edge browsers and different users/systems, same result.  

Please advise.

Thank you

(2) Replies

Hi jaguilar,


I am not familiar with this issue and unable to reproduce, as I do not have any rejected advisories in my Ticket list. Will discuss with the team.

In the meantime, can you please DM me your details and I will open a support case for you.


Kind regards,

James Ellis

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Thank you for the prompt reply James.  I have entered a case in our Case Portal and DM'd you the details.