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Can we use SVM for patching Dell Drivers?

Hi All,

Can we use SVM to patch Dell Drivers?

1] If yes, do we follow the normal procedure that we use to patch an application in svm?

2] If not why can't we do it?

Any suggestions/links to understand this better would really help.



Aftab Ansari

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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Hello Aftab, 

We do have some Dell products listed in the VPM ( Vendor Patch Module) section of SVM. These dell products you can deploy from SVM with the standard SVM deployment procedure. Please identify,  If these products are drivers products that can fulfill the customer requirement then yes you can patch only these dell products from SVM. 

dell products.PNG

Please note: All of the above products are from Vendor Patch module which is a paid module of SVM. If the customer wants to use this module then there is an additional cost associated with that. 






To add on to this, I wanted to clarify that it is the focus of SVM to identify, prioritize and publish patches to address software vulnerabilities and that is seldom applicable to device drivers. Further, Dell and other manufacturers already make public patch catalogs available which can be easily leveraged natively within ConfigMgr via the SCUP catalogs they maintain. 

The whitepaper on integrating with SCCM and SCUP is available End-to-End Deployment of Updates