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Allow users to share scan results and single host agents


Under User Management, when you edit a user/admin, there is a field called "Allow User to see the Completed Scans and Single Host Agents from all other Users". When this is checked, then the scans and agents from all other users are shared with this user.

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When other users have this checked, then the scans and agents from this user are shared with those other users.

When this is unchecked, then any agents that this user deploys will only be visible to the user who deploys them. This extends to the completed scans and all data for these specific endpoints.

Additional Information

If this is not selected, then this allows an organization to have a segregated environment where each user can only see their own scans and hosts/agents. An example of this would be if someone wanted to separate workstations from servers, they could have a "workstation user" and a "server user", with each user only seeing their respective machines.

The only caveat here is on step 3 of the SPS packaging wizard, where the users will see all paths discovered regardless of who deployed the agent. This has very little impact, though. because the package will still apply to all machines that need it. The only way to get around this limitation is to set up separate partitions.
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