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This article provides a handy checklist of items that need to be completed while updating a Software Vulnerability Manager On-Prem server environment to a newer version.


The following action items need to be completed for a successful upgrade of SVM On-Prem server:

1. You need to download the latest version of the RPM from

  • Please open a support ticket with Flexera Support if you need credentials to be issued for you. 
  • Flexera allows one account per organization.
    • You should plan internally how access will be managed and who should be authorized. 

2. Run the executable file to update application files.

rpm -Uvh csi_rpm_file.rpm

3. Run setup script to validate configuration and update data to fit the new version.

sh /usr/local/Secunia/csi/install/

4. Update Internet Explorer plugin for the Software Vulnerability Manager.

Completed by accessing the Software Vulnerability Manager On-Prem interface through Internet Explorer. You will be prompted with a red link at the bottom of the page to install the SVM Plugin. 

5. Update the Software Vulnerability Manager Daemon (if used)

Download it internally from: 


6. Update the SVM UI Plugin for SCCM if you use that as well. Download it from: 

http(s)://hostname/sc2012 (x86)
http(s)://hostname/sc2012/x64 (x64)

7. Publish to WSUS and deploy updated Software Vulnerability Manager Agent too (if used).

To accomplish the update we'll need access to the following information and accounts:

1. Root access on the Linux server(s).
2. Password for the root user on your database management software (Mysql or MariaDB).
3. Administrative access to Windows machines hosting the CSI supporting applications listed before.
4. Password for the service account used for the current installation of the CSI Daemon (if present).
5. Password for the 'default' Software Vulnerability Manager user account.

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