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This article describes how to activate verbose logging for the Software Vulnerability Manager 2019 Daemon service (installs as "Flexera Corporate Software Inspector Daemon").  This can be very helpful to debug technical problems with "System Center Inventory Import" schedule executions, or any other activity that is being delegated and therefore executed by the Daemon service. 


Logging is useful for troubleshooting purposes. A log file can reveal if the Flexera Daemon service is working correctly and performing all scheduled tasks at regular intervals. By modifying and/or creating registry keys it is possible to enable logging for the Flexera Daemon service.


To enable logging of the Daemon service, follow the steps outlined below:

1) Open Regedit with an elevated administrative account. Browse to:

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Flexera Corporate Software Inspector Daemon\

3) Modify the ImagePath value, and append logging arguments -d "C:\<folder>\<logfile.txt>" -v -v -v

For instance: 

"C:\Program Files\Flexera Software\Corporate Software Inspector Daemon\daemon.exe" --service-launch -d "C:\Logs\MyDaemonLog.txt" -v -v -v

4) Restart the Flexera Corporate Software Inspector Daemon service. 

Restarting the service should work out-of-the-box and it should complete without errors.
If you encounter an error, review the ImagePath string and make sure you haven't missed quotes, etc. 
Once the service restarted without errors, the log file you specified in the ImagePath should be created.
You will need to leave the Daemon for a few hours in order to collect data from its own executions. 

To enable enhanced logging for the SVM Daemon service, take the following steps:

1) Open Regedit. Navigate to:


3) Create the following registry keys (if not present):

  • String Value named LogFile
  • Enter the path of the log file, e.g. C:\Enhanced Daemon Log\Daemon.log.
  • Create DWORD (32 bit) Value named LogFileMax 
  • Enter the maximum size of the log file, e.g. 8000000 (8 MB).
  • Create DWORD (32 bit) Value named Logging
  • Enter the level of logging 1-4, recommended level is 3.
  • Restart the Flexera Daemon service.

Additional Information

Possible reasons of why the Flexera SVM Daemon service might fail to include:
  •  The Run-as-User account for the Flexera Daemon service does not have the appropriate permissions to connect to the SCCM database via ODBC (SQL permissions; Select and Connect).
  •  The Secunia Daemon service is unable to fetch the configuration script from the back-end server due to incorrect CSI User authentication (HTTP 400 errors).
  • The Proxy information provided during Daemon service installation is currently being incorrect.
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