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This article helps you decide how to handle the deployment of the SVM Agent through VDI imaging.  Should I install SVM Agent on pre-build VDI Image before deploying it to hosts, or should it be installed after the image was successfully deployed? This is the question we would answer here. 


The Agent uses per-machine unique GUID token to authenticate and report back scan results. The GUID is set at the HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Secunia\GUID key upon Agent installation. This GUID cannot be duplicated and it must be kept unique on each system. This is why you need to plan this wise first. 

Good news is, you have all the options you want:

a) Install the Agent on the baseline image, but delete the registry key before deploying the image further.

b) Deploy the image first and deploy the Agent further with WSUS or SCCM package distribution to hosts.

When a new scan triggers after deployment, the Agent will create a new randomized ID on each system every time when there is no available GUID in the registry. Deleting the GUID before closing the image would simplify you since it will enforce each Agent to make a new one on the fly with the first boot.  

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