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Certificate error with Software Vulnerability Manager dll files on Windows Server 2012 R2 files resulting in an inability to load the WSUS configuration interface.


The dll files cannot be loaded when accessing the SVM/Patching/Configuration/WSUS.
An error is shown instead of the WSUS configuration display.


This can happen if the root certificates are out of date and the operating system is unable to verify the certificate of the SVM's dll and other files. Some patch levels of Server 2012 R2 don't allow the OS to auto-update the root certificates.


This can be changed installing an update or by altering the following registry key:



It is also possible to download the certificates manually:

certutil -syncwithwu c:\temp

Then use MMC/Certs to import them from c:\temp to the Trusted Root Cert Auth store.

A reboot might be required.

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