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which version should I choose?

Hi, I want to upgrade my current project which is build by InstallShield Professional 5.5 to a new version InstallShield so that it can support vista.
can you guys recommend something?
and I don't know what is the difference between these different versions:Express, Premier and Professional edition, any body can help?
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Level 7

Maybe elaborate on your specific project needs and requirements, such as .NET version, SQL Server, Etc Etc.

What about build environment? Do you need to support installations in multiple languages?

Generally, I find Pro version suits what I need. Because of having the right product versions over the years, I'm able to take advantage of the sperate build system, which is nice because it doesn't "burn" a license. They've moved this feature to the higher priced tier, unfortunately.
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Level 4

Hi, thank you for you reply
my project is developed by VC6.0, no database required
Its a very simple project, no other things required.

but it need to support installations in three languages:English, French and German.
So do you think InstallShield 2008 Professional is suitable for me ?
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Level 9

With the Professional tier you can only use one language. In Express you can use multiple languages, but only one language per project. So you would have to create and maintain three projects. Also Express doesn't support InstallScript, only Windows Installer (MSI). So it looks like Premier will be the best edition for you, it includes 33 languages and supports multi-language setups. It supports both, InstallScript and Windows Installer (MSI).
Stefan Krueger
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Level 4

Thank you guys
I think I know what to do now
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Flexera Alumni

For a comparison chart, please see the Features by Edition table.
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