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i upgrade laptop OS, and fail to acvitate InstallShield


Recently my laptop has upgrade from Win7 to Win10. So I have to reinstall all software.

I try to install InstallShield 2018, but I stuck in license activation step.


Previously I enter the Serial Number, then I was able to use InstallShield.

This time, I reinstall it, and I enter the Serial Number again, but it told me the license server can not connect.

I try several times, and failed, then I see a option of offline activation. I try, but it show me error.


How can I re-activate this software? since I upgrade OS.


Yesterday i wrote email to sales which list in my order/license email. but today a people in order team let me open a ticket in this url:

because this is a forum, so i should not show my order/licenses detail info.

if someone in contact me by email, i can show you my original order email(it contains a license in that email), and License.request and activation.xml when i do the offline activation process.




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Hi @jimuseinobj ,

It is required to return the license before upgrading the operating system in order to activate it again successfully.

More information on license return can be found at the below link :


As you have already upgraded your system, now you can contact Flexera support to return the license from the back end. You can get the details from the following links depending on your region:

Or you can also contact via mail,
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