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Why is Quick Patch displaying the wrong original file version?

I have created a Quick Patch for my InstallScript MSI project, however when I Add the files to Patch (selecting the option replace existing files) it incorrectly assigns the version 65535.0.0.0 to my original file. If I right click on the file and select properties, the real file version shows 1.1.3569.11053 Why is Quick Patch displaying the wrong original file version? When I build the patch, it causes the error "The file versioned in the previous package and has a lower version or is unversioned in the upgraded package (old file version 65535.0.0.0, new file version 1.1.3569.11053). This will prevent the file from installing properly"
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

The version 65535.0.0.0 is probably due to the original project using the "Always overwrite" option. It's currently implemented via this version lie, which should always be a higher version than what is on the machine (as any version is higher than no version, and 65535 is higher than most realistic versions). As long as the original file's actual version is lower than the one you're trying to use now, you can ignore this particular warning.
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I am having this exact same problem with some files (not all). I am using InstallShield Premier 2021 and doing a Quick Patch for a Basic Msi project. There is no 'Always Overwrite' option. Perhaps that has been changed to 'Never Overwrite'?

Any ideas?


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Figured it out. Posting solution in case anyone else encounters this. My company started with an older version of InstallShield Express years ago. At that time they marked a few files as 'Never Overwrite'. Those have a 65535.0.0.0 in the Version column of the File table. I will change those with Direct Editor.

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