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Installing an older version of an InstallShield Application Uninstalls Newer versions of the Application


I am using the InstallShield (2018 Editor) that is part of my Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 to create 2 separate installable applications for Windows 10.  Let's call them App1 and App2.  I have the same settings etc. in the Installer for each application.  I have 4 versions of each application.  I can install (setup.exe) any of the 4 versions of App1 in any sequence and Windows installs all 4 versions without uninstalling any of the other versions.  However, for App2, I can only install them in ascending order.  That is, version 1, 2, 3 and then 4.  If I uninstall version 1 and then re-install it, versions 2, 3 and 4 are uninstalled.  If I uninstall, version 2 and then reinstall it, versions 3 and 4 are uninstalled etc.  Essentially, when uninstalling and reinstalling any of the versions, any newer versions get uninstalled.  I cannot find any differences in the Installer settings between the 2 applications other than the names, versioning numbers etc.  I do see differences in the .ism files between the 2 applications in addition to the differences in versions, names etc. but nothing that would indicate my problem.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Revenera Moderator

HI @Bullulla : Usually the  uninstallation of any earlier version happens when a major upgrade entries added to the project ism file,

Go to your project ism's upgrade view and check any major upgrade entry added and it has mentioned a specific version range added to it, then its an expected.

You can also create a log on installing version 2 uninstall and then reinstall and then check the log file for details on what version it uninstalls and why.

You can generate log file by running your setup.exe in command prompt with below command

Setup.exe /v"/l*v c:\test.log"

You can refer below link on how to major upgrade configured and works 

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