When installing project that is rebuilt with IS2010, I get FeatureTransferError 1603

Hi All,
I have a project called client.ism, built using InstallShield 8.
Now, as per enhancement, we need to build the client.exe using Installshield 2010.
While opening .ism, it asks for converting the project as per 2010 standards, I said yes for conversion.

I solved all the compilation and build errors and completed building client.exe using InstallShield 2010.

But now, when I trying to install client.exe, I get the below error:
On the installation dialog I see below messages while progress bar continues..
Publishing Product information
Rolling back :action
THEN I get the below error.
Error -1603: Fatal error during installation.

I enabled windows MSI logging and here is a small snippet of that log..
InstallShield 10:19:53: Invoking script function AC_InstallServices
MSI (s) (18!84) [10:19:53:937]: Closing MSIHANDLE (165) of type 790531 for thread 68484
MSI (s) (18:80) [10:19:54:015]: Closing MSIHANDLE (145) of type 790536 for thread 68316
InstallShield 10:19:53: CallScriptFunctionFromMsiCA() ends
MSI (s) (18:DC) [10:19:54:015]: User policy value 'DisableRollback' is 0
MSI (s) (18:DC) [10:19:54:015]: Machine policy value 'DisableRollback' is 0
Action ended 10:19:54: InstallFinalize. Return value 3.
MSI (s) (18:DC) [10:19:54:031]: Executing op: Header(Signature=1397708873,Version=301,Timestamp=1021792884,LangId=0,Platform=0,ScriptType=2,ScriptMajorVersion=21,ScriptMinorVersion=4,ScriptAttributes=1)
MSI (s) (18:DC) [10:19:54:031]: Executing op: DialogInfo(Type=0,Argument=0)
MSI (s) (18:DC) [10:19:54:031]: Executing op: DialogInfo(Type=1,Argument=Client)
MSI (s) (18:DC) [10:19:54:031]: Executing op: RollbackInfo(,RollbackAction=Rollback,RollbackDescription=Rolling back
MSI (s) (18:DC) [10:20:03:703]: Product: Client -- Installation operation failed.

MSI (s) (18:DC) [10:20:03:703]: Attempting to delete file C:\WINDOWS\Installer\4f11fce.mst
MSI (s) (18:DC) [10:20:03:703]: Cleaning up uninstalled install packages, if any exist
MSI (s) (18:DC) [10:20:03:703]: MainEngineThread is returning 1603
MSI (s) (18:6C) [10:20:03:703]: Destroying RemoteAPI object.
MSI (s) (18:E4) [10:20:03:703]: Custom Action Manager thread ending.
=== Logging stopped: 7/7/2010 10:20:03 ===
MSI (c) (C4:D8) [10:20:03:718]: Decrementing counter to disable shutdown. If counter >= 0, shutdown will be denied. Counter after decrement: -1
MSI (c) (C4:D8) [10:20:03:718]: MainEngineThread is returning 1603
=== Verbose logging stopped: 7/7/2010 10:20:03 ===

Please help me solve above issue.
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Re: When installing project that is rebuilt with IS2010, I get FeatureTransferError 1603

cross check if during installation either any file is access as per error 1603 when read from help

The file [2][3] is being held in use by the following process: Name: [4], Id: [5], Window Title: '[6]'.
A system restart may be required because the file being updated is also currently in use. Users may be given the opportunity to avoid some system restarts by using the FilesInUse Dialog or the MsiRMFilesInUse Dialog. For more information, see System Reboots and Logging of Reboot Requests.
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