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Flexera beginner

Virus detection in installing the installation built by InstallShield 2019 Professional

We update our InstallShield projects to InstallShield 2019 Professional.

As we implement the installation built by InstallShield 2019 Professional, in installing procedure, some antivirus software will detect the Trojan threat then blocked or deleted infected files.

Finally, when we try to uninstall the application, we failed to uninstall the application.

By the way, antivirus softwares detect nothing  when we implement the installation built by the former version of InstallShield, and the uninstallation successes.

Do you have any solutions to fix the issue?


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Flexera banna_k

Re: Virus detection in installing the installation built by InstallShield 2019 Professional

Hi @JerryYeh,  

Nothing to worry about this, basically anti virus software has its own virus definition and algorithm to identify the threats to the system, and these virus definitions /rules are updated almost daily to cope with the latest threats to the system. Usually, anti virus software continuously monitor the system changes and block the suspicious executable if it is not authorized to do those system changes according to the their definitions. Some of the system changes monitored by anti virus software are copying and creating files, spawning new process, network communication, changing system policies, accessing the system registry, downloading files, etc. Installer software does all of these during the course of installation. So, only way to get rid of this to make it authorize or update the respective antivirus software definitions through their reporting channel. 

  • Ensure to sign the Setup installer and its pay loads to prove the identity where it is coming from, and ensure to renew the certificate in every year. 
  • Report the false-positive detection to the respective anti virus Software company, through their reporting channel. While reporting, start with the with widely used anti virus Software companies. Because, mostly others will follow the leaders in this market.
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Flexera beginner

Re: Virus detection in installing the installation built by InstallShield 2019 Professional


Thanks for your quickly reply.

I always sign the installation with effective digital signature and make sure all the files package by    InstallShield  through the detection  of antivirus software.

And the suggestion item 2 of reply, reporting to wide used antivirus companies is not the solution for the long-term, even if it is the solution,  it should be Flexera reporting to antivirus software to get authorized of InstallShield , right?

In addition, why the setup.exe built by the previous version of InstallShield products won't be detected to  the malware, it seems only happen in InstallShield 2019 series

Hope Flexera InstallShield will fix the malware problem.

Thanks again

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