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Level 3

User dialogs sequening

Newbie question I'm afraid.

I want to move the 'ask destination folder' dialog (AskDestPath) to the front of the dialog sequence. Looking in the Custom Actions -> User interface I cannot see how the dialog is invoked or sequenced. Also I only see the dialog if I select 'custom' rather than 'full' in the GUI sequence (sdSetupType2 dialog). I only want full to be available and I want to select the destination folder. I assumed this would be possible without using script and just by moving things in the user interface sequence but I just cannot see how to do it!

Any help welcome:)

[edit] BTW, this is an InstallShield MSI project. In a BasicMSI project you can see the dialogs listed in the user interface section, but in the InstallshieldMSI projects you cant

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Level 17

In an InstallScript MSI type of project (which is what it sounds like you are using), InstallScript controls the user interface part of the installation, similar to in InstallScript projects. So, to change the order of your dialogs, you'll need to use the InstallScript view. For some background information, see Displaying Dialogs During InstallScript and InstallScript MSI Installations.
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