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Patch Testing Scenario Question

I have a question regarding testing patch scenarios for our various products. Let's say I have releases as follows...

January Hotfix
February Hotfix

The HFs are cumulative, small updates with no version change.

When I want to test that all goes well with patch application, I would test a matric like this...

Initial + Febrary Hotfix
Initial + January Hotfix + February Hotfix

I do this to ensure that the latest patch will upgrade the initial release properly and will update systems that had previously applied the January Hotfix.

Along with patches, we ship Full install suites for new machines or customers that contain all of the Hotfixes, of course. So I would then test

January HF Full Build + February HF

My question is, is this secnario covered in the Initial + January Hotfix + February Hotfix listed above? It is my understanding that when the January Hotfix is applied to the Initial release, it is in fact making it identical to the Full January Hotfix package used to create the patch. So I would then not have to test January Full + February HF. ??

Any info appreciated as I'm trying to streamline my patch testing processes!
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Level 5

If you are installing the patch like
Initial + Jan fix + Feb fix it will work absolutely fine.

On other case where you are supplying Initial+Janfix as a major release, in that case the Feb fix you supplied above will not work for this new release. for this you need to create another patch release.
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Level 11

Nope all fixes are small updates with no version/Product Code change.

I know that my patches work properly as currently configured, but my question is do I have redundancy in my testing?
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