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Level 2

Uninstall issue

If the start menu folder is expanded and the application is uninstalled the start menu folder does not get deleted. How do I fix this
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Level 6

Can you elaborate on your issue a little. I am not sure I understand the problem other than removing the product did not clean up your start menu shortcuts. Is there a condition where the shortcuts are removed properly or does it just never remove them?
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Level 5

I am falling into slightly same type of problem, un installation is failing to remove a file and its folder. the file is having "read only", any sugestions how to fix this issue.

thanks in advance
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I usually create an uninstallation shortcut icon but IS2019 advises not to do so and use windows for this.

So, in short using control panel/uninstallation appears successful but removes only the .exe. The shortcut and folders still remain present. This is going to cause me a huge issue when I need to distribute 300 clients an upcoming upgrade (which is the same application.)
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What I have seen is the uninstall can only (automatically) remove files that were physically part of the install.  Any files that get created during run-time or copied in manually will be left behind.  Are the desktop icons part of the install?  Or are they generated by a script that executes during the install?  If it's the latter, based on the above statement, I could see why they wouldn't be removed.  You can always write Custom Actions to do the necessary cleanup on uninstall.  Hope this helps.

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