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Unable to install InstallShield 2018 Lite on VS2019

Hi. I'm trying to get InstallShield Lite installed and receiving the following error:ISERROR.png

I have VS 2019 Pro 16.20 installed. Using Installshield Lite 2018 (24.0.439.0).

Is this the latest installer available, since this is the only thing I can think of. Also, I'm trialing before I purchase and this was the available version found here:

And, having a look at the version on the marketplace listing itself, it says v25. Where can I download this version for trial? Looks like flexera forgot to update the marketplace download version. 




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Hi @dom9360 ,


 You can download InstallShield Lite from the below link, which can integrate with Visual studio 2017 and Visual studio 2019.


Hope it helps you.


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Worked! Thanks.
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The link provided appears to be broken.  Is there a new link available?

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Hi @Cadacus,

InstallShield Lite is available in Visual Studio Marketplace  for download:


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Its not located on the marketplace, and not on one of those links.

I purchased the copy last year, and now I can't even install it??

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InstallShield Lite has ben discontinued:

I don't know if or how you could install a copy of a discontinued product frm the VS marketplace, sorry.

Stefan Krueger
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