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Skip the UAC from running Setup.exe on Win 7

My installer upgraded from InstallShield v12 to InstallShield 2011.
I have a problem of how to skip or pass the pop-up User Account Control(UAC) of Publisher: Unknown when run Setup.exe on Windows 7 OS?

If can't skip that UAC then how can I make the Publisher: from Unknown to the product name of our application?
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Level 9

If your setup requires admin privileges (which it most likely does) you need to show the UAC dialog at some point. Either right at the beginning when setup.exe is launched or (in a Basic MSI project) after the dialog wizard befoire the file copy process starts.

To avoid the "unknown publisher" you must sign your package with a code signing digital certificate.
Stefan Krueger
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Level 3

Thank you very much.

Could you have any recommend that which code signing digital certificate tool is better or easier to use?
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Level 7

You don't use a specific signing tool for the installer.

IS2011 supports signing EXE's, DLL's and OCX's from within the IDE / Build process.

You will need to obtain a code signing digital certificate as Stefan pointed out.

Vendor's that sell these certificates include, but may not be limited to:

I don't specifically endorse one over the other and suggest you research each company specifically. If you place to have your product logo certified by Microsoft (or designated under their Compatible with Windows 7 / Works with Vista logo programs), you may be limited to choosing Verisign. A few years ago, they required when setting up the Microsoft account for those programs, the certificate and only recognized Verisign. I believe this is still true, for at least the initial setup of the Microsoft account.

Hope this helps.

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