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Remove Component from a previous installer without doing a full uninstall

Hi all

We got a problem that not sure how to solve within our product MIS installer for our software.  The problem is that we have a component (Module A)  that this put on the target computer in a previous installer, and we have removed Module A in our new installer version.  We are trying to work out how to remove the Module A without fully uninstalling our product when upgrading to our latest version.

The component has become redundant because files under Module A have been moved to a new folder and are covered in another component (Module B) the installer.

We have tried keeping Module A with all file references and set the Uninstall Superseded Component to Yes.  However, we are still finding that the component is getting Module A by the new installer cause an error when running our software.

Any help on how to configure the MSI would gratefully received.



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