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Regisrty not created in Windows 2008 64 Bit

I tried to install the application in Windows 2008 64 bit m/c . Everythinng worked. But
Registry is not created.
Custom Action didnot fired.

These thinngs are working fine in other operationd system
Please suggest something.
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windows 2008 64 bit


I am assuming you are using basic msi project.
If so - are you creating a log file? did you check that the CA really did not fire?
In case the CA is being run, It might be that the registry entry is being created in the 64 bit portion of the registry instead at the 32 bit portion.
I suggest you read about REGDB_OPTION_WOW64_64KEY
"Specifies that all future general registry operations affect the 64-bit parts of the registry instead of the 32-bit parts of the registry (on a 64-bit system). Setting this option on a 32-bit system has no effect."
In case you expect the key to always be created at the 32 bit portion, I suggest you add this to your Installscript code:
if(SYSINFO.bIsWow64) then
in case you want to create the key at 64 bit portion, you can use:

Hope this helps..
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I am not creating the registry through Instllshield

I am trying to created the registry with the designer and not instal shield script.

Custom action is another issue. this custom action executes an exe.
Please help
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Re: Regisrty not created in Windows 2008 64 Bit

Are you creating registry key using system configuration?
The registry entry will be part of a component. Change 64bit option to YES in Component Detials.

Hope this might help.
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Will it work on other systems also i.e 32 bit

After changing it to 64 bit will it work on 32 bit and Xp m/c also?please reply
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Re: Regisrty not created in Windows 2008 64 Bit

The installer will work on 32 bit OS, But the registry entry will not be created as the component is meant for 64 bit OS.
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How to change

From whwere in the Insatllshield i can change this option
I have
InstallSHield 2009 Professional Edition
Version 15
Service Pack 2

Please help I am unable to find this option..
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