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Major Upgrade - need to be able to go back to earlier versions


I've created a major upgrade for my product and it works well, however, I need to have the ability to uninstall the upgrade so that the previous version of my product is left. Currently, after I install the upgrade there is only one of my products listed in Add/Remove programs, and that is the upgrade that I just installed. And when I uninstall that it completely removes my product. Is there anyway to be able to get back to the previous version?

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Level 10

By design, a major upgrade uninstalls the old version of the product by running the uninstall of the old version. So, no, the new version can't automatically put the old version back.

You could handle this in a setup program that runs the uninstall of the new version then runs the install of the old version... (Not sure how you would do this so that users who truly want to uninstall won't end up with an unwanted older version.)

Or, if possible, you might consider upgrading with a removeable patch.
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