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Level 2

Regarding Installshield 2016 - Error 7354

We have installed the Install Shield 2016 premier edition.
When trying to build the installer for my application, I am facing build error.

"The English(US) value for string 'ID_STRING65' does not contain a legitimate value for table shortcut column Name"

One of the links I referred. But couldn’t solve my problem.

I am not able to resolve the error . Need help to resolve this issue !
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Level 17

Have you checked this KB article?
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Level 2

I have modified the String Editor and changed the string details as per the new Install shield 2016 validation rules for text.
By this i was able to solve the issue.
Thank you
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Level 6

Had the same issue but only on an application that used the uninstall shortcut option. Apparently IS generates a bad property for the shortcut it creates when you choose that setting. Manually editing the shortcut solved the build problem.
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