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Update a project from InstallShield LE for VS2013 to VS2015


I just downloaded the InstallShield LE for VS 2015 because I had an InstallShield LE project I created in VS2013 but now I have upgraded to VS 2015. Even though I have downloaded and installed the InstallShield LE for 2015 and verified that it works by creating a new project, I still am unable to open the old project. VS2015 reports the project is not compatible because the application is not installed.

Is there a way to use my existing InstallShield LE project in VS 2015?


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I don't know the answer, but that wasn't how it worked for me. My LE 2012 projects asked if I wanted to upgrade them to LE 2015 when I opened Visual Studio after installing LE 2015.

Good luck sorting it out.
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