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Redistributables and Conditions

Hi there I am currently building an installer that depends on .NET 4.8 to be installed. When I make the installer and select 4.8 as a redistrib. During the installation the software ALWAYS tries to install 4.8 and doesn't even check if the computer already has it or not. Could anyone tell me how to make my installer check for 4.8 and if it is not on the computer it needs to download the prerequiset else just install my software.

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  • You can navigate to Redistributables view in Express project that you had created,search for 4.8 Web
  • Select that with checkbox  install before new feature selection checked.
  • You can download the fileson being prompted to download necessary files which will be a lightweight setup.
  • The specific pre-requisite already has conditions which will validate if the software is present or not.
  • If the software isn't present,it will download and install it for you.




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