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Want to merge two separate installshield project in one to install two product in one installer

I have two InstallShield project for installing two application. 

First - is WinForms application

Second - Windows service

The second installer depends on the first one. We need to select the path of first application where it was installed for a license.

But now client want only one .exe for installing above two application.

Can it be possible to call second .exe from first through code of first?

I tried this but not works. Both exe having same name and same rar/zip files there files.


My installshield version is 12 professional edition



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Hi @yogini ,


   You can create one exe as prerequisite to the other one, more info on how to create prerequisite available at this link :


Or you can create a suite project to install both as part of single setup. 

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Hi Banna

Thank you so much for quick response.

But can you tell me-

how can we create a suite project to install both as part of single setup?

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Hi @yogini ,


 You can get more information on "creating suite project" from the below link

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