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Offline licensing for InstallShield

Hi, in our company we use a corporate licence server for our use of InstallShield 2016.  In the near future we're moving all our development environment into a virtual datacentre (VDC) that will cease to have access to our corporate network (except in a very limited sense, e.g. we use a remote desktop gateway to drill into it from our laptops), in particular it would have no access the licence server.  Internet connections will still continue to work as we will have our own proxy server in the VDC.

Is there any way we could continue to use the corporate licence server in this case?  One idea was to use the IDE on the laptop outside the VDC and use the standalone build within the VDC (there is some pain in copying files around in this instance).  But does the standalone build still need connection to the licence server?

'Borrowing' licences looks like a non-starter as again that needs a licence server connection.

Thanks for any help.

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @sandersonpj ,


If it is specific to machine/tied with specific machine you can go for self-hosted licensing which gets tied with specific machine.

Borrowing might be the candidate for offline license server cases but for temporary period of time not as permanent solution.

I would suggest you to contact Flexera support to get to know more details about it via:





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Thanks for the response @Jenifer. I've sent an email to that address and am waiting for a reply.
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