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How to get a list of the UI elements which setup.iss can supply values for

I've got an InstallShield-based installer for a product which asks a handful of questions (one of which being the license key). When I run "setup /r" to record the setup.iss file, the installer does save many of the UI responses, but not the license key. Therefore, when I use "setup /s ...", the installer still prompts me for the license key, and then completes the install without further UI interaction.

The vendor probably forgot to mark that field as saveable when they were configuring the installer, but, clearly, this is of marginal utility as an "unattended installer".

If I could just find out what the other UI elements are named, in the installer, I could manually edit the setup.iss file to include the values that need be supplied. Is there any kind of inspector utility or command-line switch for setup.exe to gain insight into the names of all of the dialog boxes and the UI elements?

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Hi @jemenake ,


Which ever license-key UI element you had mentioned that doesn't store value in response file-Is that InstallShield predefined dialog(which starts with Sd-xxx) or custom dialog?

If it is custom dialog, you will need to call SdMakeName and SilentWriteData to add sections and dialog data to the response file when the installation runs in record mode. Refer to the Sd dialogs’ source code in the <InstallShield location>\Include folder for examples of using these functions to write to Setup.iss

Link to refer: which has sample response iss file as well.

There is no inspector utility other then running setup.exe /r /f1(location of response file),you can edit response file manually as well based on application/dialog sequence/dialog data headers.




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