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Installshield set up size calculation

Could you please let us know the general procedure for calculating set up size based on files added in install shield for an install shield (install script) project.

We would generally like to know on what basis the MD5 key is generated for a component in report file. Is it based on file size/contents etc.

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @deepika_p ,


Consideration of component MD5 depends on parent component and sourcepath.

Is there any link between "general procedure for calculating set up size based on files added" and component GUID?




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Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your update

As i understand from the below comment, the MD5 key  has dependency with source path.  But i doubt the same since the source path change is also there in previous installer, but set up size change is minimal. Could you please confirm if the MD5 key generation is dependent on file size, because we see such change only when file size/contents change. The component ID remains the same.


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