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After uninstallation of of MSI Environment Variable does not revert to original value

I am trying this on InstallShield 2011 and 2019 R3 both. I have created MSP and exe from MSI. I have 1 environment variable named VIP_PATH to in it. After uninstallation of MSP or exe it is editing itself to some another value automatically.

Environment variable has following values:
On Install > Set, Placement> Append, On Uninstall> Leave, Type> System.
I tried various combinations of above options is Environment Variable section but no luck.
At the time of installation it is working perfectly fine but it is changing its value to some different value after uninstallation. This is weird. Can someone please help me how can I keep that Env Variable value intact even after uninstallation.

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @ameygodse ,

  • On setting "Uninstall> Leave",it is supposed to leave the created environment variable as it is.
  • I couldn't reproduce the issue that you are reporting with Installshield 2020,which version of Installshield you are using?
  • Can you enable MSI log and see what causes this issue using Releases->Release->Setup.exe->MSI Command-line arguments?
    • Commandline to get uninstallation log:msiexec /x "C:\Sample\MyPackage.msi" /L*V "C:\log\MyPackage.log"
    • If possible attach here as well



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